May 10, 2014


Finally. Over. BDS is done and the heavens shall sing the song of the redeemed.

To be honest, it did get easier this semester. All of the stress of last semester significantly dissipated because, if anything, BDS 101 only proved that I was capable of doing a ton of work in a very short amount of time. So the same expectations made it bearable this semester, but it doesn't mean that I'm not pretty excited about not having to do things for a good three months related to building stuff. I enjoy it, sure, but I could do well with a break. #itssaturday #andimupdatingmyblog #notgoingtoassjamz #iamsad

Anyway, here are the last process images of my photos.

it says, "don't move, it's for finals - naomi"
in case they didn't understand the first sticky note?

my book!
look at that beauty

oh my god it's beautiful

even has that backing

yessssss do you see that

table of contents man

first spread

second spread

end page, cover part

an outdated nice photo of self and description

that logo man

May 6, 2014

Thank you cards

For fun, I decided that I would save (some) money from buying thank you cards and just print them myself. It occurred to me on my way to Wal*Mart to buy some generic thank you cards that, well, I'm a damn design student, so why can't I just make up some and print them out on cardstock myself? They're for all the faculty, professors, and upperclassmen at KU that have dealt with my intensive demands and assisted me with everything, from fellowship recommendations to just making my academic aspirations a reality. It's always smart to appreciate the people who invest their time and life into you, so why not. And it's a good way to allot my time during this weekend before Hell Week™. So the list goes on:

I'm probably forgetting a good amount, but I figure it's cheaper to print out 2 cards per tabloid print (which in color at the print lab is about $.25 per card... and they're personalized).

I'm writing out the letters now, but these are a rough example of what the exterior may look like. Cardstock will cost more, but oh well. It's for those that put up with me.

May 4, 2014

Fully edited cover page

Finally decided on the graphics that I wanted for this. I didn't really dig the inclusion of photos, and I just really wanted something much more simple, so I used a rectangular/diamond motif instead.

It's the full exported JPEG so most of it is readable.

Camping at A&D

I printed today. My spreads only at the moment since they were ready, but tomorrow I'll attempt the rest. It's coming together really nicely and I'm excited to see how it'll end. I'm not too worried about the spreads, but just more of the craftmanship required in creating the actual book.

In other terms of my life, my mom came to visit (two hours away!) today and took my sister and I out for my sister's birthday. We went to a nice Korean restaurant in Overland Park, caught up, and got some groceries. I'll be seeing her in a few weeks before I head out to Korea, so we'll be doing a mother's day sort of shindig then. Between this project, Illustration, and preliminary resource findings for a research study I'm doing this summer while I'm abroad in Korea, I'm pretty stressed, but I've just decided to take everything in its stride.

A selfie reassures me of my existence. 
Isolation in my old BDS classroom. Blissful. No one else
really comes here, so I'm taking full advantage of this. 

April 29, 2014


Yeah baby. I might switch out of my illustration of myself to something a bit more professional, if you get my gist. <3

April 21, 2014

Revised Spread

I've been having difficulty deciding how I want to print things out. Oh well. They haven't changed too much from my original spreads, but we'll see how they develop.

Cover Pages and Table of Contents

I'm thinking that I'll use the rest of the book to showcase her work so as to really demonstrate her body of work. I may keep my own spreads simple for my own book, as there will be a plethora of her work on the cover, interior, and table of contents page, but for my teammates, I may provide a different spread.

My favorite. 

OVERALL NOTES: Cover Pages: I can't decide if
I prefer the burst of color or black and white.

Inside inserts

OVERALL NOTES: Choosing between patterned insert
and simple background, or patterned background and
plain insert. I'm leaning toward the latter. Would be
easier to incorporate author's photo. 

 Table of Contents:

OVERALL NOTES: I'm wanting to keep it simple with a
black and white image. Use color in typography to
bring things together.